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The land of Mount Kilimanjaro beckons and with it all of the sights and sounds of that magical Africa that we imagined all those years! This school trip involves historical tours and visits to national parks, as well as volunteering opportunities at local clinics and villages. Food and accommodation are second to none and the memories generated will last a lifetime!

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Peru means ancient civilizations and sophisticated societies, thousands of years ahead of their time. This incredible journey takes us high in the mountains to the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, as well as to schools, where we will donate our time to the local children. We will also study amazing architecture, as well as experiencing the lives of skilled craftsmen, farmers and indigeonous tribes

China & Tibet
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When it comes to studying cultures which have stood the test of time, then Asia is certainly the place to explore. China and Tibet are immersed in historical richness and this short slice of time is geared toward giving students a taste of what has been. Marco Polo, the Great Wall and Forbidden City as well as the Tibetan monasteries and their gentle way of life are all part of this memorable tour!
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As with the Tanzania school trip, Mozambique is filled with opportunities to view some of the most incredible natural sights on the planet. From the big game animals to the stunning landscapes, this will certainly involve your camera. There will also be opportunity to mix with local inhabitants and assist with programs for school children and orphans.

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